Risk free weddings questions

WHO IS Risk Free Wedding Bookings?
  • We are a community of wedding service providers offering our wedding clients peace of mind wedding bookings.

WHY is this necessary?
  • We believe it is necessary to provide this option for our wedding clients to safeguard their booking fees. We want them to FOCUS on their wedding day and to enjoy the process. We don't want them to stress about the security of their booking fees.

Does this mean any couple can just cancel and receive their booking fees back?
  • NO. This RISK FREE WEDDING BOOKINGS is only valid for cancellations due to COVID-19 & Lockdown regulations and restrictions. Your BOOKING FEES is only refundable when you are FORCED TO CANCEL your wedding due to Covid-19 & Lockdown regulations and restrictions.

What if my service provider can't render a service for my wedding?
  • Your booking fee will be refunded if your service provider can't render the service you hired him / her to perform. Everyone needs to be prepared and ready for any eventuality like illness / death / injury / bankruptcy.   

How can I know that my money is SAFE?
  • ERA will be our legal partner in your wedding and your booking fees will be deposited into their account for safeguarding, payments and refunding if necessary.

How much does this cost?
  • You will only pay R2500 for the services rendered by the lawyer.  If you choose to make use of 1 of our service providers or 10, the cost will stay the same. 

I am a service provider.  How can I join?  Do you have any criteria?
  • Our community of service providers are growing slowly.  We understand that this way of handling booking fees and structuring your business is not something everyone wants to / can do.
  • Our CRITERIA for service providers to join is very simple.
    1. Business stability and experience is very important for us.
    2. Been in the industry for longer than 5 years & more than 100 weddings.
    3. Accept all the terms of payments and refunds.  
  • Please send us an email with a link to your website and Facebook page and tell us a little more about you & your business.   
  • We don't want to create a divide in the industry, we just want to create a booking option for our clients that is RISK FREE during these very uncertain times. 
  • We do understand that there are other wedding service providers also offering this amazing service to their clients without joining our community and we applaud you for that.     


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